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Holiday Carpet Cleaning: Before or After?

Dec 4, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Holiday Carpet Cleaning: Before or After Blog Feature
As the festive season draws near, you’re likely gearing up to welcome guests, organize events, and embrace the joyful chaos of children and pets in your home. You have the desire for a clean and cozy holiday home but the reality of potential mishaps can make scheduling deep carpet cleaning a bit of a hassle during this time of year.

Balancing the desire for a festive, fresh living space with the need to safeguard against accidents on recently cleaned carpets can be quite the challenge. At Nature’s Way Chem-Dry, we understand the dilemma faced by homeowners when finding the best time for a deep carpet cleaning. To aid your decision during the holiday season, we’ve come up with some pros and cons. This way, you can navigate the options, meeting both your preferences while having peace of mind.

Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned before the holidays has its good and bad sides. On the one hand, it makes sure your place is fresh and ready for guests. Whether you’re expecting kids to play on the carpets or just want to get rid of any lingering smells, a professional cleaning can make you feel more relaxed about it all.

Yet, there are downsides to getting your carpets cleaned before the holidays. With all the cooking, feasting, and festive fun, accidents are bound to happen. Your carpet might also face extra wear and tear to winter elements like snow, mud, and salt due to the increased foot traffic in your home. This could mean your carpet stays clean for a shorter time after a professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays

Choosing deep carpet cleaning after the holidays has its perks too. You can deal with any dirt, mud, and stains left behind from the festivities, kicking off the new year with a clean slate. But, if it’s been a bit since your last cleaning, you might wonder how your home looks and smells to guests, affecting your likelihood of hosting events. There could also be concerns about kids coming into contact with dirt and grime in your carpets. If holiday cleanliness stress is getting to you, consider scheduling a carpet cleaning beforehand. And, if needed, you can always set up another appointment later on.

Determining the Best Time for Carpet Cleaning

Deciding when to schedule deep carpet cleaning ultimately comes down to your priorities and when your carpets were last cleaned. If having super clean carpets at the start of the holiday season is your goal, even if there’s a risk of spills during gatherings, getting them cleaned before the holidays might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re more worried about handling the aftermath of parties and guests, waiting until after the holidays could be a smarter move. If you’re unsure, reference your last professional cleaning: if it was within the last 3-6 months, waiting until after the holidays is best; if it’s been more than 6 months, scheduling a cleaning before the holidays is the way to go.

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